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Locksmiths Nottingham - Call 0115 7180370

NG Locksmiths Nottingham are independent locksmiths based in the city of Nottingham, we provide quick, reliable and honest service for both domestic and commercial customers based in Nottingham and across Nottinghamshire.

We pride ourself on the service we provide, our dedication to detail and our fair rates for services.

Call us today on 0115 7180370 for a no obligation quote.

24hour Lock entry -  Fixed fee, NO call out charges NO VAT
Lost stolen or broken keys - problems solved
Locks changed and or upgraded to meet insurance criteria
New locks installations external and internal or additional locks fitted
Upvc window and door repairs and upgrades
Burglar or vandal damage repairs
Locks and mechanisms repaired
All work guaranteed
Full public liablity insurance cover

Why Choose NG Locksmiths Nottingham

All of our locksmiths Nottingham team have undergone training to the locksmith and security industrys highest standards, and have achieved the coveted accolade of Master locksmiths. Locksmiths Nottingham has also been accepted by national Trusted Trader and Approved Trader Schemes run by consumer protection groups, as well as membership to local Nottingham business groups.

Locksmiths Nottingham provide round the clock emergency services that include holidays and weekends so when your in need of Locksmiths Nottingham we are here to assist.

All of our prices are fixed fee and agreed before any work has begun - Locksmiths Nottingham also offer discounts to OAP, NUS and NHS.

Call Locksmiths Nottingham for a NO OBLIGATION QUOTE on 0115 7180370 

Locksmiths Nottingham Lock Changes & Upgrades

Get your locks changed fast by Locksmiths Nottingham experienced team, moved into a new property? lost keys or maybe just as a precaution changing the locks on your property is a security must - why throw caution to the wind and assume that just you have keys to your property.

Our locksmiths Nottingham team carry a huge range of locks that meet all budgets and security needs and will be able to remove your old locks and replace in just one visit.

Do the locks fitted to your property meet your home insurance guidelines? Locksmiths Nottingham can carry out a free assessment on the locks on your property and advise you on upgrades if needed or not.  All locks changed or upgraded by locksmiths Nottingham are tested and approved to British Standards for security and will meet your home insurance criteria - need extra security? Locksmiths Nottingham can supply and fit locks that have achieved 3* British Standards Approval.

Are you a Nottingham landlord and require specific locks  to be fitted to you Multiple Occupancy property? have you had a tenant leave taking the keys with them? Locksmiths Nottingham can change all types of locks on internal and external door so that they meet guideline set out for your property/s in Nottingham.

when you need your locks changed or upgraded call our Locksmiths Nottingham team call 0115 7180370

Lock Change by locksmiths Nottingham

Lock Installations by Locksmiths Nottingham

Do you need new locks to fitted to interior or exterior doors in Nottingham?

Do you need to add extra security? 

Do the locks fitted meet your insurance company's criteria?

Locksmiths Nottingham team of skilled fitters have been trained in all aspects of lock installation for all types of door internal and external. New locks can be fitted in just one visit at a time that suits you with very little disturbance and no mess.

Do you need access control to certain areas? locksmiths Nottingham supply and fit key less push button locks to all types of doors - take away the need for countless keys install a keypad lock and give access to those that need it with out the hassle of keys. Locksmiths Nottingham can fit electric or push button key pad/key less locks in just one visit and to meet all budgets and needs.

Call locksmiths Nottingham today for a free quote on 0115 7180370 

locks installed fitted by locksmiths Nottingham

Locksmiths Nottingham Upvc door repairs & window repairs

If you have a problem with your Upvc window or doors Locksmiths Nottingham has the solution.

All of our locksmiths Nottingham team have been trained in aspects of Upvc window and door repair and are Upvc repair specialists in Nottingham.
Upvc windows and doors are hugely popular and have beens fitted in Nottingham and across the county for many many years now, if properly maintained they will last many years but nothing lasts forever and faults can and will appear that if acted on will reduce repair bill cost further down the line.

one of the most common Upvc door problems reported by Locksmiths Nottingham that if corrected early will reduce excessive pressure on the multi point locking system is door misalignment.

a slight rubbing of the door against the frame when opening and closing or a little more pressure needed to lift the handle to fully secure the door are tell tale signs that the door is misaligned and the hinges need adjusting. This is a very simple quick job that locksmiths Nottingham can do that if ignored will over time result in the multi point being over stressed and can lead to failure.

Multi point faliure is when you are no longer able to unlock or lock your Upvc door, the gear box system that is activated when you lift or drop the handles on your Upvc door has broken and will need replacing. Locksmiths Nottingham stock the largest selection of replacement multi point for Upvc doors and will be able to remove and replace even if your door is stuck in the locked poistion - with no damage to the door or its frame.
All multi point locking systems supplied and fitted by locksmiths Nottingham are insurance rated and come complete with a parts and labour warranty.

The most common Upvc window problems that locksmiths Nottingham come across are broken or faulty window handles (that includes lost keys) and locking systems.
Locksmiths Nottingham carry a huge range of handles and window locking systems and are able to remove and replace in one quick visit.

Call our locksmiths Nottingham team today and sole your Upvc windoor and door problems 0115 7180370

locksmiths Nottingham upvc repairs

Locksmiths Nottingham Security Product and Advice 

Dont fall foul to burglars our locksmiths Nottingham guide to security, secuirty products and helpful security tips is a must for all to read. Our guides are not intended to scare you into buying products we only offer contructive advice and attempt to raise awareness so you can protect yourself or equipe yourself if need be. Locksmiths Nottingham has many years in the secuirty business and our knowlege will hopefully be of assistance to you.

Lock Snapping awareness by locksmiths Nottingham

You may well have “cylinder snapping” or lock snapping but locksmiths Nottingham knows only to well that it is in use in Nottingham and that a huge amount of propertys and homes fitted with cylinder locks found in Upvc doors are susceptable to that attack.  Lock snapping is used by burglars to gain entry to propertys that has a euro cylinder in a very quick time(seconds) with little or no noise

The use of Lock Snapping

Lock snapping involves breaking the euro cylinder so that they can then access the multi point lock internal system to open the door. Whilst you may think that the multi point locking system on your door will make it more secure, it’s important to know that the multi point locking points are all in fact operated by the cylinder, and when the cylinder is snapped and compromised all the locking points are then rendered useless.

Lock snapping requires no specialist locksmith tools or skills –  Police Forces across the UK  are warning residents and businesses about lock snapping or cylinder snapping and how your property could be vulnerable.

How to prevent Cylinder Snapping / Lock Snapping

Prevention on lock snapping is simple - fit anti snap locks... Anti Snap locks supplied and fitted by Locksmiths Nottingham quickly secure your property and null the effects of lock snapping.

Locksmiths Nottingham have a range of Anti Snap cylinder locks that meet all budgets that can be fitted quickly in just one visit and a very short time and with no mess that will protect your home or business from a snap attack.

Call our locksmiths Nottingham team and get free advice and a quote for your anti snap locks 0115 7180370

Install a key safe and give access a new security update advice from locksmiths Nottingham

Outdoor Key Safes are the ideal choice for your home security needs and are recommended by locksmiths Nottingham.

Designed for storing keys securely outside the home, the key safes offer an easy access to keys for a variety of situations. Keys can be quickly accessed for emergencies, by family and friends to ease when visiting or for workmen to gain access with out a key holder. Key safes are also used on a large scale for medical and care professional for instant entry to their patients homes in Nottingham and across the county. 

Key safe advice form locksmiths Nottingam

Using a key safe fitted by locksmiths Nottingham couldn't be any easier. Simply place the keys inside the compact and sturdy unit and when they are needed, input the code and open the safe door to reveal the keys.

Each key safe is made of sturdy material that is resistant to force. The key safe can be secured onto any wall by way of wall fixings and can be placed in any location, even hidden down low out of the view of prying eyes.

Locksmiths Nottingham intruder alarm installations

Do you ever give thought to your home security? If the answers no, it may be a good idea to just make sure you have all of your security bases covered. Here at locksmiths Nottingham help assist you with the correct advice to bring your home security needs up to date

One of the most over looked but critical forms of home security is a intruder alarm - do you have one fitted to your property in Nottingham?

Alarm systems come in two forms wired or wireless.
Wired alarms are are great for new builds, renovations but unless your willing to put up with wires running around your property wireless alarm systems are easy and more more pleasant on the eye in retro fits.
If you no intend to install a wireless alarm system to your property the biggest piece of advice that locksmiths Nottingham and give make sure you provide regular maintenance. Wireless systems rely on battery power for the individual contact and pir's that protect your property so you need to check that they are working on a regular basis - maybe once a year or just before you expect the property to be empty for a period like summer holidays.

what you need to know about intruder alarms tips from locksmiths nottingham

One of the best properties of wireless alarms is the ability that the alarm system can move with you to another property so once purchased you will not have to buy again. Wireless systems available from locksmiths Nottingham start from basic one room or entry point for less then £100 so they really is excuse need not to have one installed.

Locksmith Nottingham supply home safes.

It may seem as going a little overboard, but having a safe in your home to fit the most valuable and important things in is something that will not only prevent financial loss, but potentially will also save you a lot of hassle.

Locksmiths Nottingham knows one safe and secure place to keep all your important paperwork, document and of course valuables that will still be safe and secure in the event of a burglary or even a fire could prove to be invaluable.

Home safes come in all sizes depending on your requirement and can be fitted securely in a discreet location in your Nottingham property or business quickly and with out any mess and offer a huge amount of security - if you would like more information about the products locksmiths Nottingham can supply or need advice about Home safes please get in touch with our team.

infomation regarding home safes by locksmiths Nottingham

Home security advice from locksmiths Nottingham

Ok the music might not be to locksmiths Nottingham taste but the burglary advice film highlighting a number of home security tips which everyone can put in place to help them avoid being victims of crime is a must watch for all.

If you need more advice or would like to act on the advice given in the video please contact our locksmiths Nottingham team on 0115 7180370

Moving Home advice from locksmiths Nottingham

For all you new and veteran home owners, something we would like to raise awareness of is the importance of the security measures which are needed when going through the process of a house move. If you are in need of a locksmiths Nottingham provider to help you make sure all the security bases for your house move are complete, please feel free to give our team of expert Nottingham locksmiths a call at any time. One of the key things when moving house, is just that, the keys.

what you need to know about locks when you move home from the locksmiths Nottingham team

It’s important to make sure that only you are the  key holder to your new property. You never know where the keys of the old owner has been, and how many copies are out there and who’s hands they may be in. So it’s of up most importance to make sure you get new locks fitted to all doors fitted, locksmiths Nottingham can  provide and fit locks for your new home, please give us a call and we can arrange a time which is convenient for you. Changing locks is a fast and simple way to keep the integrity of your security.

If you have any more questions and need to speak to a locksmiths Nottingham professional, you can call us and speak to one of our experienced team today, we can help you not only with the fitting of new locks.

Call Locksmith Nottingham for a NO OBLIGATION QUOTE on 0115 7180370 

Locksmith Nottingham lighting tips for every home

In this instance we are not referring to Christmas decorations or disco lights, but lights which  indicate that you are home from a security point of view. So what locksmiths Nottingham mean is lighting that gives the impression that you are at home, and that your property is not empty.

Locksmiths Nottingham recommend outdoor motion sensor activated lights as well as  few timers for the interior lamps of the house. Locksmiths Nottingham knows that this will often be enough to deter opportunistic burglars who are looking for unoccupied  propertys.

Burglars do not like being exposed and outdoor lighting thats is triggered by motion will do just that - not only will the would be thief be illuminated but it will also get the attention of neighbours all things that a burglar is trying to avoid.

advice from locksmiths Nottingham on security lights and lighting

Window Grills and Door Grills from locksmiths Nottingham

In high burglary rate areas or secluded zones window and door grills are a invaluable tool in the protection of your property and its contents.

Once just the premise of business's window and door grills are now very popular for domestic homes. Locksmiths Nottingham has saw the number of installations rise over the last few years mostly due to the fact that the design of the grills has become more decorative with tailored design and peoples need to secure there property more vital.

bespoke window and door grills supplied and fitted by locksmiths Nottingham

All Window and door grills supplied and fitted by locksmiths Nottingham are custom built by hand right here in Nottingham each design can be made bespoke to the individuals need and taste and once installed provide a lifetime of protection for your property and its contend.

For more information on window grills and Door grills talk to our locksmith Nottingham team 0115 7180370

Brisant locks available at locksmiths Nottingham

Bisant Locks really are  locksmiths Nottingham first choice for security. They really are that good.
Made in the UK using the finest and most durable materials Brisant have produced the ultimate security lock.
There range of locks have been tested and approved to the highest security standards available for there defence against all types of attack - Lock Snapping, Drilling, Picking and Bumping.

Only once in a while does a product come alone that locksmiths Nottingham will state there reputation on and this is one of them.

The Brisant lock has a range of four locks to meet individual needs and budgets.

If your serious about your home security then you really need to install  Brisant Locks in your home.

Brisant Locks


Your local locksmiths Nottingham

At locksmiths Nottingham we do our everything possible in order to provide a reliable and local service, as well as being competitive with our prices so our customers get the best value for money service that can be found locally.

At locksmiths Nottingham we pride ourself on the work we do, and we will always make sure that ever job we  complete is to the customers satisfaction. Even if it’s something small like getting additional key cut, we always make sure that the best quality products are used. So if you want to be sure that you get a professional job done with the correct and quality products used, no matter what the job, then give us a call here at locksmiths Nottingham.

At locksmiths Nottingham we care about the service we provide and are always happy to help with any query, question. So get in touch with your friendly local locksmiths Nottingham today.

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Fast Response to emergencys at locksmiths Nottingham

Our locksmiths are on call 24/7 so when your need arises we are there to assist. The aim of locksmiths Nottingham is to be with you in under 30mins based on you location to our central based call out center. Emergency locksmiths Nottingham services are fixed fix, No Vat and no call out charge - the price we quote will never go up.
All of our call out vans at locksmiths Nottingham are fully equipped for every scenario imaginable and we can guarantee that that in your hour of need we can assist quickly and professionally. So make sure you have our phone number stored in your contacts locksmiths Nottingham 0115 7180370 and give us a ring when you need us

Locksmiths Nottingham fast response time 24/7

Only Non Destructive lock entry used by locksmiths Nottingham

Every locksmiths Nottingham skilled locksmith has been trained to use non destructive lock entry on all types of locks found in todays market - if you find your self locked out your property and are unable to get in locksmiths Nottingham will be able to gain entry with no damage to the lock, door or its frame. This means you will only be charged to gain entry if thats all you need and not to replace locks when they are not needed.

Non Destructive lock entry used by locksmiths Nottingham

Only qualified professional locksmiths like Locksmiths Nottingham offer this service and you should always ask before any work is started if the locksmith will be using non destructive methods to gain entry to your property.

Contact our Locksmith Nottingham team

NG Locksmiths Nottingham
10 Park Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG7 1JF
phone: 0115 7180370

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